Timber Cladding

Timber Cladding

Over the years the market for timber cladding products has evolved in a number of ways. Historically cladding has been made from a variety of different types of timber in a huge range of sizes and profiles. Generally with practicality being a significant factor these would have depended upon what species of timber were available locally and the sizes and profiles that a local sawmill would have produced. The effect of this is that there are a many, many different variations of cladding.

Today we also have consumers who appreciate the beauty of cladding used within construction but want a modern profile and may well specify a more unusual species of timber for aesthetic reasons.

The nature of the supply chain has also changed over the years. Many local independent sawmills have disappeared and many larger companies in the supply chain today do not have the flexibility to be able to supply small or large quantities of a product unless it is one which they stock.

At Hillbarn Sawmills we have retained the ability and skills to be able to supply a wide range of cladding to meet the needs of the large and small customer alike.

We hold in stock a very limited amount of cladding as most of our customer requirements differ. As a guide, a copy of our common cladding profile guide is attached each of which we are able to supply in a choice of timbers. However, we frequently have customers who bring samples to us of cladding which they are wishing to match where we are only to happy to help. All of our cladding we are able to supply in treated of treated as required.

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