Oak Shingles

French Oak Shingles are 13" long with each crate containing a random mixture of widths 3"- 6", the thicknesses are 20mm tapered to 10mm (All sizes are approx) and each shingle has a pre-applied hanging staple. Each crate contains approx 6/m2. Oak is extremely hard wearing and resilient timber which makes it an ideal timber for roofing shingles.

Technical data guide

Minimum Roof Pitch – 25 degree

Fixings required – 50mm Stainless Steel Annular Ring Shank Nails, copper or bronze can be used. Mild steel should be avoided as this will react with the natural tannins in the Oak.

The exposure of the shakes required is 115mm and the nails should be fixed 25mm above the exposure line. Our Oak Shakes are not pre-drilled and should be eyed up to the batons.

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